Who we are

Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – MK Gandhi

Women awareness and rural invigorate organisation cum radiant society (wariors) was set up in the year 2020 by Utpal shivam, Rinku Ragini, Rashmi Konwar and Pompi Das primarily to support women, children and senior citizen of Assam. We do this by playing a bridge role between people who are interested in making a difference and organizations working on the ground to effect it. Our transparent and secure online donation medium help donors support causes that matter, and assist them in making strategic, and effective grants. We partner with some of the most trusted organization of Assam and nearly 30 thousand people are working here in 22 districts of Assam.

We follow the principles of transparency and accountability in all our work. We are accountable to our donors and beneficiaries on how the funds are utilized. Our non- profit partners across geographical and thematic areas follow norms of good governance and go through a thoughtfully designed due diligence process which is focussed on finding and strengthening groups that can make the most difference in their communities. Donate to NGOs in India, and make a difference now.

Our aims and and working field